Trail Dispatch – Arctic Bunny

dogpile_Sm.jpgCoordinates: 69.21.075 N, 67.32.374 W
Distance Traveled: 25 mi/ 40 km
Temperature: -13 °F/ -25 °C
Wind: 0-5 MPH/ 0-8 KPH
Cloud Cover: Clear skies
Sunrise: 5:04 a.m.
Sunset: 8:02 p.m.

For those of you familiar with the Easter Holiday, we want to dispel any assumptions you might have about our furry long-eared hero of the day. Let it be known, my friends far and wide, that the Easter Bunny is no stranger to cold climates. One might think of him as a small bunny, delicate and cute. I myself worry for those little white paws and pink nose, exposed to the elements and deep snow. But someone must have referred this bunny to because those little white paws don’t slow him down a bit! This morning, bright and early, what did I find outside on the dogsled? Two shiny perfect chocolate cream eggs, clearly left for Sarah and I by the one and only. How he got past our dogs we’ll never know, but we’re grateful nonetheless and made quick work of our sugary Easter treats.


simon_Sm.jpg With visions of Easters past and present on our minds, we broke camp and took off fast across the wind-blown ice. By noon we had reached land and a small trapper’s cabin on the rise. We stopped for lunch and explored the area. Up by the cabin stood two small crosses in the ground. When I pointed them out to Theo, he explained that many people now living in Clyde River used to live in this area. Home Bay, because of its ideal seal and polar bear habitat, was well suited for hunting and fishing. Up until the 1950s and early 1960s, Theo said, there were people living up and down the Baffin Coastline on the Davis Straight. It is hard to imagine this, looking out at the stark, seemingly empty wilderness before us.

Travel overland was a welcome change from the monotony of sea ice. It feels good to take off our skis and run a little. There is pushing and pulling to do, but overall the trail is smooth and rolling. We stopped close to 5:30 p.m., camping inland, off of the polar bear highway, for the first time on this leg. Tomorrow we mush back down to the sea.

Happy Easter. Happy Spring.


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