Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy is a nationally connected and trusted nonprofit dedicated to climate literacy, climate change education, youth leadership and community engagement for innovative climate change solutions.

Our Mission & Vision

Learn about our mission, vision, and core beliefs that ground us in our work to engage in climate change solutions.

Our Impact

For over 10 years, we have been building climate literacy and action among educators, youth and the broader public with tangible results.

Our Founder, Will Steger

Learn more about our founder, Will Steger, and his influence on our work as a polar explorer, educator, environmentalist, and eyewitness to climate change.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are committed individuals with experience in law, policy, education, finance, nonprofits, marketing, communications, and industry who have a passion for our mission.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is a group of respected individuals who have an active relationship with us and are making exceptional contributions in the area of climate change, renewable energy, philanthropy and policy.

Our Team

Climate Generation thrives based on the efforts of our talented staff, who are passionate about education and youth leadership, and believe in the critical importance of developing solutions to climate change.