350 Sioux Falls, SD

Falls Park to Host International Action 10/24
What: 350 International Day of Action
Where: Falls Park
When: Saturday, October 24th 3:50 pm
Who: This event is free and open to the public. All ages welcome.

Mark your calendars: Sioux Falls is hosting a global art action and party on Saturday, October 24th to celebrate the environment, and you’re invited. Be a part of the experience at 3:50 pm at Falls Park, and stick around for free eco-friendly products, good green conversation or a bite to eat.

October 24th is the International Day of Action promoting 350, the scientifically determined number of parts per million (ppm) of carbon emissions that is the safe upper limit for maintaining a healthy atmosphere. On Saturday, over 3,700 events will be taking place in 162 countries to promote this number. Here’s a taste of what’s to come: mountain climbers holding 350 banners on some of the world’s tallest peaks; a 350 mile bike ride through MN; scuba divers holding 350 signs by the Great Barrier Reef. Sioux Falls will now be a part of this monumental day!

Here’s the plan: we’ll meet at 5th and Phillips at 3:30 pm and parade to the Horse Barn Arts Center at Falls Park. Inside will be a giant banner for everyone to decorate with their environmental hopes for SD and the world, and this banner will be displayed at the United Nations Climate Change Conference this December. We’ll use the banner in a picture that will be taken at Falls Park, where all participants will form a giant 350 across the park. The picture will be sent to our legislators in DC, posted online, and shown on the big screens of Times Square in NYC! Following the art action, the Falls Overlook Cafe will be open to participants.

Check out 350.org for more information about the International Day of Action, and for more information on the United Nations Conference, click here.


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