#Youth4Climate: Paris and Beyond

Last September, 194 young people stood in the balcony at United Nations Headquarters in New York and witnessed the adoption of the 2030 Agenda. More than 7 million young people from around the globe spoke up and seized the opportunity to vote on their priorities for the Sustainable Development Goals, and they placed climate change […]

The Paris Agreement: From COP21 to the Earth Day Signing Ceremony, and Beyond

December 12, 2015 was a pretty big deal day, as it marked the adoption of the Paris Agreement by the Conference of Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Tomorrow, however, is when that big deal day has the opportunity to become the real deal, as the Paris Agreement opens […]

Take Earth Week Action

For 46 years, Earth Day has inspired millions of people to take action on environmental issues. This year, it’s coinciding with Climate Education Week and the signing of the historic Paris Climate Agreement, making Earth Week 2016 an incredible platform for climate action. We’re harnessing the energy and spirit of this occasion by co-hosting events, […]

Heating Up Education on Climate Science

Four Education Minnesota members traveled to Paris to take part in the world’s biggest summit on climate change. Now back in their classrooms, they are energized to share what they learned with their students. They are also back with a message to other educators in the state to get educated on climate change and get […]

Social (climate change) studies: Making room for climate change in social studies education

When you think about teaching climate change, you probably see a science classroom. Lots of graphs, data, and experiments. But don’t get too comfortable at that lab station. Understanding the science of climate change is incredibly important, but also important is understanding the economic, politcal and social impacts. Schools need to be including climate change […]

Five Ways Cities are Leading the Fight Against Climate Change

Cities, not countries, will lead the world in climate action in the coming decades. Chris Pieper ’18 was one of the Macalester students who went to Paris for COP21 through Professor Roopali Phadke’s class “Climate Talks: Dispatches from Paris.” Roopali Phadke is on the Climate Generation Advisory Board, and connected Chris to our organization. As […]

Advancing Climate Change Education in Minnesota

The Minnesota Environmental Quality Board convened all Minnesota COP21 attendees in a conversation at the Science Museum on January 12, 2016. We discussed what we learned and what the Paris Agreement means for all of us as far as next steps. (A short radio piece summarized the event which you can access here.) The event […]