Communications Coordinator (he/him)

Trevor Cobb comes to Climate Generation with experience managing digital communications and graphic design for nonprofits, and he is excited to put his skills to use for a cause he cares so much about. When he was young, he wanted to be a marine biologist, but after discovering he was more of an arts kid rather than a science kid, he decided that communicating with others about protecting the world and its oceans would be a better path. He studied Writing, Spanish, and Graphic Design at Drury University, a small liberal arts college in Missouri, before moving to Minnesota to enjoy snowy winters and (he hoped) mild summers. In Trevor’s free time, he can be found riding public transportation to an art fair or brewery, probably reading a book from the public library. In all of Trevor’s work, he strives to find creative ways to tell the truth. Whether through writing, design, or illustration, conversations online or offline, he seeks to communicate honestly about the climate crisis facing the global community.