Youth Leadership Mentor (they/them)

Na Choih is a child of Korean immigrants. They are native to occupied Dakota homeland and Anishinaabe territory, or Minnesota. They find purpose in their commitment to becoming an environmental educator. As one of the original members of YEA! Minnesota, Na has been interested in working towards sustainability since attending the School of Environmental Studies. They were introduced to sustainable agriculture at the Evergreen State College, and then went on to finish their bachelor’s degree at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. There, they majored in Global Studies with a thematic focus on Political Economy and Environmental Change. Na began organizing with the Minnesota Youth Collective, and from their experience, believe that the power of movement building lies in the creation of personal relationships. They find that justice work is intimately tied with spirituality. When they are not working, Na finds themselves learning and practicing Indigenous lifeways, exploring their queerness, and playing with kids. They are always scheming towards a self-sufficient and sustainable future for themselves and for the world.