Climate Generation thrives based on the efforts of our talented staff, who are passionate about education and youth leadership, and believe in the critical importance of developing solutions to climate change. We have ten employees and several independent contractors and interns. Team members share: why do you do this work?

Nicole Rom

Executive Director

I believe climate change is the most urgent issue today and I cannot think of any other issue I would rather work on since it affects everything and everyone.

Janet Brown

Associate Director

Climate change will define my children’s future.

Kristen Poppleton

Director of Programs

We must bring together young people, educators, the public, and decision makers to learn about and prepare to tackle the issue of our generation.

Robin Thorstenson

Office Manager

Education leads to understanding. Understanding leads to action. Action leads to change.

Jothsna Harris

Public Engagement Manager

Information alone is not enough to sway people to change behavior, we need to strip away the layers that divide us and find our shared values.

Megan Van Loh

Senior Programs Coordinator

Educating results in understanding, and knowledge is a powerful tool to create change.

Jason Rodney

YEA! MN Program Coordinator

I do this work to remember my place in the web of life, to join with all beings yearning for justice.

Lauren Boritzke

Communications Coordinator

Sharing the stories of how climate change affects us all leads to understanding, action, and change!

Jenna Totz

Education Coordinator

I believe making smarter environmental decisions begins with education.

Kira Liu

GreenCorps MN Member

 I believe that supporting education and strengthening communities are the first steps to building solutions and taking action on climate change.

David Riviera


Learning together is the best way to find solutions that work for my generation and the next.