As a predominantly white organization that has historically engaged a predominantly all-white audience, Climate Generation is taking preliminary steps to address our own institutional racism and identify the barriers to participation that are institutionalized in our programming.

These steps include:

  • Review and Discuss the Jemez Principles, the Principles of Environmental Justice, and the Bali Principles of Climate Justice
    • Jemez Principles adopted 3/18/15
  • Undergo trainings on racism and trainings on the role of environmental justice in the environmental movement.
    • Attended Overcoming Racism Conference; YWCA anti-racism training; Headwaters Foundation for Justice Social Change Fund Training
  • Engage environmental justice partners as equal partners, with respect for their history, time and expertise; and in acknowledgement of the immense resource gap that exists (environmental justice groups get about 2% of all environmental funding).
  • Engage environmental justice organizations at the start of any coalition, providing resource for their engagement and analysis for effective participation. It is important that EJ groups are intentionally included at the beginning of policy or campaign work, not midstream or on an ad hoc basis.
  • Enter into a Memorandum of Understanding for any coalition work. The MOU should address at minimum, the following three critical elements of collaboration: decision-making, how the campaign is marketed, and funding/resources. A template MOU is the one used for the Chicago Clean Power Campaign.
  • Commit to ongoing personal and organizational equity work.