Climate Generation empowers individuals and their communities to engage in solutions to climate change.


A world actively engaged with equitable solutions to climate change.

Equity Statement

Climate Generation understands that climate change is a highly complex issue and that just and equitable solutions cannot be found if we proceed with the climate science and policy lens alone. We must take a comprehensive perspective of climate change impacts and solutions if we are to reach our goal and create the future we want to live in. We are committed to addressing the intersection of climate change and economic, social, and racial disparities, and working closely with partners who understand this interface.

Strategic Framework

Our task: Igniting and sustaining the ability of educators, youth and communities to act on the systems perpetuating the climate crisis.

We will accomplish this through three overarching strategies guided by our team:

Overcoming disinformation

Centering anti-racism and systemic equity

Personalizing and local climate change action

Why Climate Generation?

Climate change is defining this generation: everyone alive today. This generation has been the first to really experience the effects of climate change and will have the biggest influence on how we address it. We recognize the power of eyewitness accounts and personal story, acknowledging that as our world warms, we all have a climate story to tell.

Our Theory of Change

Communities collectively hold the power to innovate and demand climate change solutions. Empowering individuals in their communities to make long-term, lasting change requires building climate literacy, understanding personal connections to climate change, and developing powerful advocates through a model of collaboration and partnership. By engaging educators, youth, and the public, we believe that communities can be better positioned to build a resilient and equitable future.

Our History

Our organization was founded by polar explorer, Will Steger, based on his powerful eyewitness to climate change from over 50 years exploring the polar regions and his determination to engage people in the issue and solutions. Our culture of innovation flows from Steger’s entrepreneurial spirit and his accomplishments in exploration, education, and advocacy.