Window Into Paris: COP21

Recognizing that educators are critical messengers of climate and energy literacy for hundreds of students each year, Climate Generation selected a delegation of 10 Education Ambassadors to bring to the UNFCCC 21st Conference of the Parties in Paris, France December 6-December 11,2015 through the Window into Paris program. These 10 teachers attended COP 21,as both learners and climate change communicators back to their educational settings and communities. The teachers represented diverse subject areas, grade levels, and educational settings from each of the following states: New York, North Carolina, Georgia, Minnesota, and Colorado.


Download the Window Into Paris: COP21 Program Recap (PDF 458KB)



Minnesota’s Changing Climate

With major financial support ($250,000 Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources appropriation) from the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund (ENRTF), Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy was able to initiate a comprehensive climate change education program, focused on the impacts of climate change on Minnesota. The funding cycle concluded June 30, 2013, however the curriculum is still available and an August educator Institute featured the resources on the Mississippi River. For the purposes of this report the original project name, Engaging Students in Environmental Stewardship through Adventure Learning is referred as Minnesota’s Changing Climate (MCC), the name given to the curriculum developed for the project.

pdf_smallDownload the Minnesota’s Changing Climate Final Report (PDF 9.4 MB)



Expedition Copenhagen Final Report

Expedition Copenhagen educated and empowered youth to influence national climate policy and international climate negotiations through an interdisciplinary curriculum, delegation and grassroots advocacy, culminating at the Copenhagen convention (COP15).

Climate Generation launched Expedition Copenhagen, a Midwest youth delegation to the international climate negotiations at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen, Denmark, December 5-19, 2009, led by internationally renowned polar explorer Will Steger. Delegates assumed a leadership role in a regional climate campaign to pass strong climate legislation leading up to the international negotiations, and also supported Climate Generation Citizen Climate curriculum in schools across the United States.

The expedition goals were to:

  1. Build U.S. awareness of climate policy and investment in strong participation in the conference.
  2. Highlight the unique role of the Midwest region since the Midwest is a key player in driving national climate policy, public opinion, and the renewable energy revolution.
  3. Bring the U.S. youth voice to the negotiations whose future is at stake.

pdf_small Download the Expedition Copenhagen Final Report (PDF 2.9 MB)



Longest Summer Tour

With generous support from the US EPA Great Lakes National Program Office, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, Toyota City and over 40 organizations, Climate Generation was able to execute a 10-day Tour of the Upper Midwest, across four states and seven cities from October 13-22, 2008.

The “Longest Summer Tour” (Tour) provided an opportunity to highlight and elevate the great resources and efforts on climate change already underway in the Upper Midwest. Since there is already significant progress in this region on clean energy and climate change solutions, the Tour highlighted regional leadership from a cross-generational perspective and the strategies and policies already in place at the regional, state, and local level that reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the Tour provided vivid accounts of the impacts of global warming to the Arctic and the Great Lakes, and examples of citizen solutions. Ultimately, the Tour aimed to introduce climate change solution strategies geared towards individuals, communities, campuses and faith-based organizations.

pdf_small Download the Longest Summer Tour Program Recap (PDF 10 MB)



Ellesmere Island Expedition

On March 29, 2008, Climate Generation launched its second Global Warming 101 Expedition, a 62-day, 1,400-mile dogsled expedition across Ellesmere Island. Renowned explorer Will Steger selected six young adventurers, ages 21–28, to join him in an effort to educate youth, inspire international cooperation and empower the next generation of leaders to advocate for the environment.

Steger and his teammates traveled in Canada’s High Arctic where the last remaining ice shelves in North America exist – to capture disintegrating ice caps, retreating glaciers and the destruction of wildlife habitat.

From the adventures of dog-sledding across exception- al stretches of Arctic Ocean ruins, to the unexpected challenges of a refashioned topography, to surprising polar bear encounters, Steger and his team bore witness to an inimitable firsthand account of the effects of global warming.

pdf_small Download the complete Ellesmere Island Program Recap (PDF 2.7 MB)



Global Warming 101

Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy’s Global Warming 101 Initiative raised broad public awareness about global warming as witnessed through Will Steger’s polar expeditions, educated about the effects of human actions upon the global climate, and empowered individual choices and grassroots efforts that lead to solutions. Global Warming 101 was Climate Generation’s Web-based initiative for expedition updates, action stories, and resources from 2006-2009.