10 Years - 2006Will Steger establishes the Will Steger Foundation and delivers his Eyewitness to Global Warming Presentation to thousands of Minnesotans. First curriculum, Global Warming 101 Lesson Plans and Summer Institute for Climate Change Education is held. Nicole Rom is hired as Executive Director.


10 Years - 2007Global Warming 101 Expedition to Baffin Island shares the stories and experiences of the expedition team members through visits with Inuit communities. Governor Pawlenty signs the Next Generation Energy Act in Minnesota and the Renewable Energy Standard. NASA scientist, Dr. James Hansen is the keynote speaker for the 2nd Summer Institute. Abby Fenton, Education Coordinator, is tasked with developing a youth leadership program targeting Millennials. Janet Brown is hired as Office Manager.


10 Years - 2008Global Warming 101 Expedition to Ellesmere Island with six international emerging leaders who visit remaining ice shelves in the Canadian Arctic. Ellesmere Expedition is launched in conjunction with the Emerging Leaders Program and Youth Environmental Activists of MN (YEA! MN) begins with the leadership of Hopkins High School student, Ethan Buckner.


10 Years - 2009Expedition Copenhagen, a Midwest delegation to the United Nations climate conference in Copenhagen is executed, connecting our education program through the Citizen Climate curriculum, our Emerging Leaders Program and policy efforts. Bill McKibben is the keynote speaker at our Summer Institute. YEA! MN student delegation attends Power Shift 2009 in Washington D.C.


10 Years - 2010We receive our first Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund allocation for $250,000 to launch Minnesota’s Changing Climate and Kristen Poppleton is hired to manage, then direct, the Education Program with support from Ann Benson, Education Program Assistant. Naomi Oreskes is the keynote speaker at the Summer Institute. YEA! MN supports the Green Schools National Conference with a first-ever national youth summit for high school students.


10 Years - 2011We launch the online classroom and curriculum resources for Minnesota’s Changing Climate. We partner with the Parks Climate Challenge to provide online climate change education lesson plans. Governor Dayton announces his commitment to clean energy and retiring coal after meeting with our youth leaders for the first time, which becomes an annual tradition. Join regional partners in training thousands of youth at Power Shift 2011 in Washington D.C.


10 Years - 2012With support from the RE-AMP Network, we launch the Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program, connecting veteran environmental advocates with youth leaders across the Midwest. Education program expands into energy education with support from John Smith, our new Education Program Assistant who writes our newest curriculum resource, Experience Energy. Minnesota’s Changing Climate receives the Environmental Education award from Environmental Initiative for our partnership-based approach.


10 Years - 2013 1Our Emerging Leaders Program takes a delegation of 20 high school students to the national Power Shift conference in Pittsburgh, PA, and to the Forward on Climate Rally in Washington DC (Feb 2013) We host two Summer Institutes – one on climate change and the Mississippi River in collaboration with the National Park Service and one on energy education with support from the MN Center for Energy and the Environment. In collaboration with the MN Clean Energy and Jobs campaign, we pass a solar energy standard. Megan Van Loh joins as Administrative Coordinator.


10 Years - 2014YEA! MN youth organize Youth Climate Action Now (Youth CAN!) conference for and by high school students. YEA! MN high school delegation travels by bus to New York City to join 40,000 people at the People’s Climate March. Jothsna Harris joins the team as the new Education Coordinator to support Climate Minnesota and our public outreach. Jenna Totz, curriculum coordinator, updates our suite of curriculum resources to support the Climate and Energy Literacy principles. Our Education Program is recognized by the White House for advancing climate change education and we receive our second Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund allocation for $325,000 for Climate Minnesota. Katie Siegner joins as Communication Coordinator and helps launch Dine for Climate and Wine and Dine for Climate, an innovative fundraising series.


10 Years - 2015Will Steger Foundation becomes Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy! Climate Minnesota: Local Stories, Community Solutions takes off with 11 public convenings and a tpt film. We lead the first ever delegation of ten U.S. educators to the United Nations climate conference in Paris, France. The 10th Summer Institute returns to the School of Environmental Studies. Our Emerging Leaders Program hosts the Midwest Youth Climate Convergence in Minneapolis and we hire a new YEA! MN Coordinator, Nicole Ektnitphong.


GC_logo_badge_rgbClimate Generation advocates for climate change education in the Minnesota state science standards, a strong Clean Power Plan in Minnesota, and launches a new curriculum resource, Next Generation Climate that supports the new Next Generation Science Standards. YEA! MN deepens its work in the Twin Cities metro and our Midwest Youth partners find new synergy across their climate change campaigns. We successfully reach over 17,000 educators and 35,000 youth!