Our History

Will Steger

Our organization was founded by polar explorer, Will Steger, based on his powerful eyewitness to climate change from over 50 years exploring the polar regions and his determination to engage people in the issue and solutions. Our culture of innovation flows from Steger’s entrepreneurial spirit and his accomplishments in exploration, education, and advocacy.

Established in 2006 as the Will Steger Foundation, we changed our name to Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy in 2015 to better reflect our mission, vision, and programming.


We recognize the power of eyewitness accounts and personal story, acknowledging that as our world warms, we all have a climate story to tell. Our programs work to realize our vision: a world of resilient communities with equitable solutions to climate change.

We provide educators, youth, policymakers, communities, and business leaders with the resources and opportunities to engage in solutions to climate change. Across these audiences, our programs work through three core pieces of engagement:

  • Build climate literacy
  • Develop powerful climate advocates
  • Elevate leadership

Each year we reach 5,000 educators, 3,500 youth, and thousands of people through community engagement.


Our Work

Build Climate Literacy

A climate literate person understands the causes and consequences of climate change; how to talk about them; and how to take action equal to the urgency of our changing climate.

Develop Powerful Climate Advocates

We empower individuals to have the skills and motivation to act on climate change in their communities.

Elevate Leadership

We can all be climate leaders in our sphere of influence by sharing the climate impacts we’ve felt and our motivations for taking collective action.

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