“Thank you for this opportunity! This internship has given me so many experiences and interactions that I have dreamed about! Youth Lobby Day 2017 was a light in the dark for climate issues, proving the power of youth voices on this issue and that hope remains for a bipartisan advancement of climate action in Minnesota.”

Claire Mathews-Lingen, Avalon School
YEA! MN Student Policy Intern 2016-2017


Anna Kleven

“I know now that I have a climate story, and I know how to tell it.”

Anna Kleven, Minneapolis South High School ’16
YEA! MN Steering Committee, 2014-2016



“Many of the most amazing young people I’ve met during high school have been through YEA! MN.  It is so inspiring to see a group of teenagers truly making an impact and changing our world for the better. YEA! MN has opened the doors to so many unforgettable experiences, from marching with 400,000 other climate activists at the People’s Climate March in New York City to leading a meeting with Governor Dayton about renewable energy in Minnesota.”

Kumar Flower Kay, DeLaSalle High School ’15
YEA! MN Intern and Steering Committee Member



“Being a member of YEA! MN has been empowering. YEA! MN is a supportive and welcoming community, and I have learned so much about environmental issues and activism. In addition, I have been connected to an amazing network of peers who will be lifelong friends!”

Becca Krasky, Minneapolis South High School ‘15
YEA! MN Steering Committee Member



“YEA! MN allows me to take part in the growing movement for environmental justice…and connect with other youth from different highs schools, who are also advocates for the environment.”

Carlos Parra-Olivera, El Colegio High School ‘15
YEA! MN Co-Chair 2014-15



“YEA! MN helped me to understand the complexities within the world in a way that school was never able to do. I began to learn in a whole new way, different from high school, and this gave more meaning to my life than before.”

Bryn Shank, St Paul Central High School ‘14
YEA! MN Co-Chair 2013-2014



“Through YEA! MN, I’ve learned how organizations function, and about different ways to create change through policy, community, and in school. The experience has helped me think about how I can most effectively work on environmental issues after YEA! MN.”

Shira Breen, Minneapolis South High School ‘14
YEA! MN Co-Chair 2013-2014


“I cannot thank you enough for guiding me through the past five years. I owe countless opportunities and unforgettable experiences to your amazing team and their extensive network. Testifying in St Paul, protesting in DC, exploring Bangladesh, and canoeing down the Minnesota and Mississippi shaped my worldview, while also having the time of my life. Being part of this family continues to motivate me to keep advocating for change wherever I go. I am in love with the people and culture of this organization, and I hope I can be part of it far into the future.”

Cole Norgaarden, Blake School ‘13
YEA! Co-Chair 2011-2013



“I can easily say that YEA! MN has been the most important factor in helping to direct my love and passion for environmental activism into a future career path, and a way of life!”

Siiri Bigalke, Stillwater High School ‘11
YEA! MN Co-Chair 2009-2011