Climate Generation empowers youth climate leadership as a key strategy in the transition to a just and sustainable future for all.

What We Do

Climate Generation engages youth to take coordinated action for a just transition to a resilient climate future for all. Our YEA! MN program engages high school students as powerful agents of change, providing climate literacy, political education, and organizing skills to take action on climate change solutions. We cultivate strong partnerships and support cross-generational collaboration through our co-mentorship resources to unlock innovation and movement growth.

Why We Do It

We believe in the inherent power and creative genius of youth. The impacts of climate change already are affecting young people disproportionately, as youth are inheriting the consequences of decades of environmental neglect and abuse. Moreover, it is low-income youth, particularly youth of color and indigenous youth living in front-line communities, who are hardest hit – from an economic, social, and public health perspective. We must empower the leadership of our young people if we want to realize a transition to a just and resilient future for all.

How We Do It

Youth empowerment is at the core of our Emerging Leaders Program. While many organizations rely on a top-down approach to campaign planning and youth engagement , we intentionally support youth-driven campaigns and initiatives. We value youth as equal partners in the climate movement, and leverage our relationships and access to to bring forward authentic youth voices and leadership. We create opportunities for peer mentorship and experiential learning, with the ultimate goal of providing transformational growth and lasting relationships to support effective, long-haul organizing.