We believe that climate change is the critical environmental issue of our time, that immediate action is required and that young people are uniquely positioned to shift the public debate and affect public policy outcomes.

Minnesota and the Midwest are home to a well-coordinated base of youth climate leadership able to add volume, power, and gravity to our shared goals of reducing carbon emissions and building sustainable communities. Young people have been at the forefront of social change throughout history, and continue to do so today. In 2020, young people have the potential to make up one third of the voting electorate. As the generation that will inherit the burden of climate change (and front-line youth already are), young people carry a powerful message reminding us of what it means to leave a legacy for our children.


Minnesota Clean Energy and Jobs Campaign

As a member of the MN Clean Energy and Jobs campaign, we are advancing policies that create a responsible clean energy plan for Minnesota, including strengthening and expanding our Renewable Energy Standard, promoting cleaner energy, and increasing energy efficiency savings.

Clean Power Plan

We work on national campaigns, such as promoting a strong Clean Power Plan, enforcing the Clean Air Act, and supporting student-led Beyond Coal campaigns.

Governor Forums

We host annual forums with youth leaders and the Governor of the state of Minnesota. Youth Forums with the Governor provide an opportunity for youth to share their vision of a clean energy future with the state’s top elected official.