Experience has taught us that mentorship is a critical ingredient for youth leadership development and personal growth.

Our Emerging Leaders Program integrates mentorship as core component to support courageous conversation, critical thinking, and lasting relationships built on trust and shared learning. We strive to elevate both the expert and the learner in each one of our youth participants, foster intentional opportunities for peer mentorship between students, and provide experiential learning opportunities for youth to step into leadership.

Youth-Led Action Projects

Every school year, high school student in our YEA! MN program launch climate change action projects on their campuses or in their communities. These projects are selected and orchestrated by youth with direct staff mentorship from the YEA! MN Program Coordinator and peer support from the YEA! MN Network. Projects range from waste reduction – including recycling and composting – to energy conservation, public education, community organizing and behavior change. Students receive coaching and mentorship to hone their action projects and work with their school teams to launch informed and effective youth-led campaigns.

Peer mentorship

The YEA! MN Network engages students from over 25 high schools across the Twin Cities metro annually. Student leaders are invited to attend a progression of monthly Network meetings facilitated by student members of the YEA! MN Core. Core members meet twice a month and receive intensive leadership development training over the course of the school year. Core members have the opportunity to teach what they have learned at YEA! MN Network meetings, facilitating team-building activities, peer training sessions, and peer mentorship related to youth-led action projects.

Youth Networks

Climate Generation has a long history of supporting youth networks at a local, regional, and national scale, including the YEA! MN Network, the Minnesota Youth Environmental Network, the RE-AMP Network Youth Caucus, the Power Shift Network, and the US Climate Action Network (USCAN). Our investment in these networks reflects our commitment to a grassroots, bottom-up movement of young people, connected through peer mentorship and organizing together for the just transition to a climate resilient future for all.