Over the course of four years, Climate Generation matched Midwest youth and veteran climate organizers in co-mentorship, on the premise that cross-generational collaboration and organizing grounded in authentic relationship will help us innovate just climate change solutions.

Our Emerging Leaders Co-Mentorship Program took a unique approach, matching pairs in an egalitarian exchange where both participants are valued as teachers and learners. Through a suite of guided activities, staff support, and interactive webinars and video conferencing, we aimed to support self-reflection and strategic conversation, fostering individual, organizational, and movement-wide growth.

Mentorship Program Testimonials

“I always looked forward to meeting. It provided a grounding reflection space I don’t often create for myself.” – Veteran non-profit staff

“I was surprised to feel like I could understand where [my partner] was coming from, despite some difference in theory of change across generations.” – MN Youth organizer

“Really different world views are alive and well in younger generations – we need that perspective and insight.” – Veteran non-profit staff

Program Design

Working in partnership with the RE-AMP Network, our Co-Mentorship Program engaged representatives from over 75 organizations across 8 Midwest states over the course of four years. Pairs were matched in the same state, based on their areas of interest and expertise, and encouraged to meet in person several times a month over an 8 month period. Guided activities and staff facilitation moved participants through a progression of activities, supporting individual goal setting, rapport-building, self-reflection, and feedback. Beginning with the mentorship agreement form, pairs set shared goals and expectations for their time together. Building on this foundation, pairs were then invited to explore to a series of conversations related to personal story, productive mindsets, creative problem solving, and accountability, to name a few.
Throughout the program, pairs reported back online via the RE-AMP Commons online platform, supporting shared learning across the group. Climate Generation program staff identified emergent themes between pairs and facilitated further exploration through group calls and interactive online formats.

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