Climate Generation’s Emerging Leaders Program empowers Midwest youth to take action for a just transition to a resilient climate future for all.


Program Overview

Our Emerging Leaders Program works locally and across the Midwest to build youth capacity, facilitate shared skills and strategies, and foster coordinated action on climate change solutions.


YEA! MN supports a network of high school environmental clubs working together across the Twin Cities Metro to empower student leadership on climate change solutions.

Midwest Youth Climate Movement

The Midwest is home to a robust youth climate movement. Climate Generation supports youth leadership through capacity building, mentorship and convening.

Policy Connections

Climate Generation has a long history of youth engagement in public policy. We value youth as key stakeholders in the policies that will directly impact their future and quality of life.

Mentorship Program

Our Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program matches youth and veteran staff across the Midwest in egalitarian learning relationships.

Youth Action Blog

Our Youth Action Blog features emerging voices from the youth climate movement.