Window Into COP23: Our Multi-Sector Delegation

Climate Generation believes it takes all sectors to address climate change, and all voices must be represented at the decision-making table. We are sending a multi-sector delegation of Minnesota leaders to the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany from November 6–17. Our nine-member delegation features representation from education, law, philanthropy, youth, elected officials, and indigenous communities.

The 23rd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP23) brings nations of the world together to continue their work on strengthening the global response to the threat of climate change. Now that American cities, states, businesses, and citizens are taking on U.S. climate leadership, a strong subnational presence is critical to show the enduring U.S. commitment to our Paris Agreement pledge.

The Paris Agreement not only includes greenhouse gas reduction targets, but also education, financial, research, innovation, and technological targets. In the wake of the President’s withdrawal, the emergence of the U.S. Climate Alliance, and the EU’s commitment to working directly with U.S. states on international climate policy, Minnesota finds itself on the world stage as a member of the Alliance. [Map credit: Business Insider]

Minnesota Leads on Climate

Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith supports local leadership on climate change and endorses the many Minnesota delegations attending COP23.

Key Issues to Consider at COP23

Through regular blogs and webinars, our multi-sector MN leaders will reflect on key questions for their sector, including:

  • How can philanthropy support climate mitigation and adaptation?
  • How does education build capacity for climate action and adaptation?
  • How do we calculate the social cost of carbon?
  • What role can individual states play in international climate negotiations?
  • What legal mechanisms are there to ensure Minnesota holds to the Paris Agreement?
  • How are communities of color included in climate negotiations?

Follow Our Delegates

Climate Generation is proud to be a part of the U.S. People’s Delegation, a group of organizations sending delegates to COP23 to show the force of U.S.-based communities who are pushing for city- and state-level climate action.

Principles of the U.S People’s Delegation:

  • The U.S People’s Delegation is a collective of various delegations from the United States to COP23 who are pushing for bold climate action in the face of opposition from the current Administration.
  • We are calling on U.S elected officials to step up in meaningful ways to ensure bold climate action in the face of the current Administration’s rollback on climate protections, the persistence of ongoing climate disasters, and the impact of existing inequalities and governmental negligence on frontline communities.
  • We are calling for a just and equitable transition to 100% renewable energy in all cities and states.

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Follow our delegates on Twitter and Instagram at @climategenorg, and participate in the global COP23 conversation with #MNCOP23, #unite4climate, and #actonclimate.

Generous support for this year’s delegation comes from Olseth Family Foundation.

COP and Climate Generation

Climate Generation has a history of sending delegations to COPs, including COP15, COP21, and COP22. This year’s unique focus on state level leadership offers us the chance to demonstrate Minnesota’s commitment on the international stage and bring cutting-edge international climate work back to Minnesota.