Talk Climate Institute

March 12-13, 2018
Wilder Center, St. Paul, MN
Registration Fee $80

Join Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy for this two day intensive workshop designed to empower people to talk about climate change. Understand the powerful factors that shape opinions, and gain the practical skills needed to influence behavior and inspire commitments to solutions.


The reality of climate change is daunting, and understanding the data, trends, impacts and solutions can be overwhelming. In addition, we are currently in an era of misinformation about climate change, and unfortunately the issue – and even the science – has become politicized. The combination of these complexities makes well informed conversations about climate change relatively scarce: politics is often seen as a controversial topic, and climate change can seem risky to bring up when you don’t have “all the facts.” Yet opinions on climate change extend far beyond agreeing on the causes and consequences. Fundamentally, our beliefs and behaviors stem from our unique identity, worldview, and value systems. At the Talk Climate Institute we will unpack these dynamics, gain skills to help to strip away the layers that divide to find common ground and learn practical strategies for how to work from there to begin building new possibilities.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about climate change and how to decipher credible sources
  • Understand what influences people to make decisions, and how to communicate effectively to inspire solutions
  • Cultivate your own personal climate story and learn how to use it as a tool to build understanding
  • Hear about innovative solutions and opportunities to harness them at the individual and community levels

Talk Climate Institute made possible with financial support from The McKnight Foundation.