How do you convene your community on climate change?

When it comes to implementing climate change solutions, local communities are powerfully positioned to create an undercurrent of momentum and ambitious pathways to change that our national and global leaders cannot easily ignore. Yet in many communities, there are significant gaps in climate literacy, political will, and awareness of tangible climate action opportunities. To bridge this gap, Climate Generation has developed a best practices guide that shares our model and method for hosting public convenings on climate change at the community level. We put this approach into practice through our 2014-16 Climate Minnesota: Local Stories, Community Solutions project, which included 12 public convenings held throughout the state.

The Climate Convening Toolkit shares the essential elements for effective public conversations on climate change, as well as the practical tools for planning and implementing a convening in your community. The 20+ page guide is geared toward anyone interested in catalyzing deeper conversation, understanding and action on climate change.


We would love to hear about any local convenings that this toolkit inspires! Please register your convening with us here.

We are also available to serve as consultants in the planning process for your convening. Contact if you would like to inquire about this.