Effective public engagement around climate change is realized through a public actively taking part in learning and action on climate change. It involves engaging ‘minds, hearts and hands’ (Wolf and Moser 2011) and not just supplying information. Climate change must be made personal and relevant, and that is done best through the development of personal narratives, connecting people to local resources, and locally relevant solutions.

Climate Stories

Stories are a powerful way to connect the head and the heart on climate change. We all have a climate story to tell, and we invite you to share yours with us.

MN Stories in a Changing Climate

Host a screening of our Twin Cities-PBS documentary Minnesota Stories in a Changing Climate, featuring stories of six Minnesotans dealing with the impacts of our changing climate.

Climate Minnesota

Our 2-year public engagement project—Climate Minnesota: Local Stories, Community Solutions—combined science, stories and place-based solutions to build community-scale climate action.

Community Events

Engage with us at one of our upcoming events! Our Events Calendar is regularly updated with events that we co-sponsor or host.

Legislative Conversations on Climate Change

As a follow-up to our Climate Minnesota convenings, we held legislative conversations around climate change in four communities during the fall of 2016.

Climate Expert Videos

Watch videos of climate experts who have joined us for forums, educator Institutes and more.

Climate Rallies & Marches

Climate Generation and YEA! MN actively participate in climate marches and rallies, from Minnesota to New York and D.C. Join us in D.C. on Saturday, April 29 for the People’s Climate Mobilization!

Brewing a Better Climate

These annual fundraising events feature live music, delicious food, raffle prizes and great beer at participating breweries while raising money for our climate change programs.

Dine for Climate

Dine for Climate was a fundraising event series launched in winter 2014 to make the connection between climate change and our food system. Dine for Climate is a delicious solutions to climate change!