Build your comfort, confidence and competence to bring climate change into your educational setting with our virtual and in-person training opportunities!

For ten years Climate Generation has been building the climate literacy and confidence of educators through professional development opportunities.  We believe that educators are critical messengers of climate and that energy literacy and climate change education is part of the solution.  In addition, we believe that schools and nonformal learning centers have the opportunity to provide powerful examples of sustainability in communities. We also recognize that climate change can be difficult topic to bring to a classroom, museum or nature center.  We plan our professional development opportunities with these things in mind; demonstrating to educators how climate change fits with their academic standards, building their knowledge in climate science and their skills in climate change education and developing their abilities to deal with adversity.

Educators that attend our professional development opportunities say:

The institute is always well planned and thought out, the resources are excellent.

I thoroughly enjoyed this institute and I believe that Climate Generation is offering something that nobody else is.

It was one of the best most useful workshops I have been to in a long time. I was engaged, the information was clear and logical, the take away “gifts” will be well used in my classroom and the food was excellent. I think I can use some portion of every session I attended in my classroom, which makes this a success for me.

I really appreciated the opportunity to attend the institute. I am very grateful that I was given this rich and important learning experience and I will definitely use what I have learned in my role as teacher, parent, grandparent, and citizen. Thank-you so much for doing this work!