Over the years, we have created a wide-ranging resource library to provide climate literacy and engagement for different audiences.

Our resources range from climate change curriculum resources to a mentorship toolkit, and all are free and downloadable from our website. They are intended to spark greater understanding and empowerment to advance climate change solutions among all who engage with them. Additionally, Climate Generation staff are always willing and able to offer direct support for those interested in using our resources. Check them out below, and let us know if you’re interested in setting up a personal training or workshop around any one of these resources!

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Discover our #ActOnClimate resources for educators, students, and the public!


Climate Change and Energy Curricula

Our education program develops and updates climate change curriculum resources. We offer a suite of six curriculum resources, applicable for grades 3-12, in the form of curriculum guides, as well as online modules that can be downloaded for free. Aligned with Minnesota state science, social studies and language arts standards, the Next Generation Science Standards and the climate and energy literacy principles, the curricula has been reviewed by scientists, professional educators, and organizations. All curriculum guides encourage in-depth learning, are interdisciplinary and science-based, and have online connections, in the form of videos, articles and interactive media. Visit our curriculum page to search for and download our curriculum resources.

Climate Convenings Toolkit

Published in 2017 after the conclusion of our two-year public engagement project, Climate Minnesota: Local Stories, Community Solutions, the Climate Convening Toolkit shares the essential elements for effective public conversations on climate change, as well as the practical tools for planning and implementing a convening in your community. The 20+ page guide and accompanying templates is geared toward anyone interested in catalyzing deeper conversation, understanding and action on climate change. Visit the Convenings Toolkit page to learn more and download this resource.

Co-Mentorship Toolkit

From 2012-2015, our Emerging Leaders team ran a regional co-mentorship program that matched Midwest youth and veteran climate leaders in an egalitarian exchange where both participants were valued as teachers and learners. The Co-Mentorship Toolkit provides a set of guided activities to support self-reflection and strategic conversation, and includes suggestions for facilitators and participants as well as links to additional resources. Visit the Mentorship Program page for an overview of these activities and to download this resource.

Take Action Template

This toolkit, ideal for small groups or classroom settings, walks you through a set of questions and prompts to plan your own climate action project. Click here to download this resource. Youth leaders can also visit the Take Action guide in our Youth Engagement section for more resources and inspiration to convene their peers around climate action.

YEA! MN Toolkit for Trainers

Planning a youth training of your own? Take a look at our YEA! MN Toolkit for Trainers for easy-to-follow outlines that can support your training on leadership development, campaign planning, and recruitment strategy. You don’t have to be an expert. You just need to have a good mix of courage and humility! The toolkit includes Includes the Leadership Training Guide, Recruitment/Retention Training Guide, and Tabling-for-Change: Training for Effecting Tabling.

Minnesota Stories in a Changing Climate Discussion Guide

Climate change is affecting Minnesota’s varied regions and residents in different ways, but we all have a story to tell. The Twin Cities-PBS production Minnesota Stories in a Changing Climate, part of Climate Minnesota: Local Stories, Community Solutions project, showcases six stories of Minnesotans experiencing climate change, along with narration from some of the state’s leading climate experts. The full production and individual story clips are intended to serve as an educational and inspirational resource to build Minnesotans’ awareness of climate impacts and encourage the sharing of climate stories across the state. The discussion guide offers takeaway concepts, clip summaries, and thought-provoking questions for viewers, as well as links to additional resources for further engagement. Click here to download a free copy of the discussion guide.


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