Letter from Our Founder Will Steger

Ten years ago I left the wilderness in Ely to dedicate my energy to climate change. I recognized the potential for climate change to adversely affect the places and people I love. I needed to make a difference, so I channeled my energy, time and power into launching the Will Steger Foundation. Our goal has always been to engage people in solutions to climate change.

I am proud of our accomplishments these 10 years, including:

  • Putting a human face and cultural voice on climate change through our 2007 Global Warming 101 Expedition to Baffin Island
  • Helping Minnesota lead the nation with clean-energy growth, carbon reduction goals and the state’s first solar standard
  • Building the competence and confidence of thousands of educators teaching climate change in their classrooms
  • Empowering a generation of youth climate leaders with the skills, power and voice to demand the changes we need.

Maintaining this momentum, I am pleased to announce that the Will Steger Foundation is changing our name to Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy!

To me, this name is perfect; it represents both the work we do and our proposed solution. Climate Generation recognizes that youth will inherit the incomparable impacts of climate change and everyone alive today must move boldly to implement solutions.

The last decade was the hottest in the history of the planet. Climate change is a real and present danger – we do not have another ten years to wait. We must make each year going forward truly matter when it comes to making positive changes. I’m grateful we are on this expedition together.



Will Steger