A journey across both poles, After Antarctica directed by Tasha Van Zandt follows polar explorer and Climate Generation founder Will Steger’s life journey as an eyewitness to the greatest changes to the polar regions of our planet.

About the Film 

In 1989, Steger led an international team of six scientists and explorers on the first coast-to-coast dogsled traverse of Antarctica. The ultimate mission of the expedition was to draw global attention to Antarctica’s changing climate and use the expedition as a tool to renew the Antarctic Treaty, which would protect the continent from mineral exploitation.

Now, thirty years later, Steger heads out on the ice once again, this time to the opposite end of the Earth, recounting the life-changing journey that led him to where he is today. After Antarctica is a film about a legendary expedition unlike any other—not only were Steger and his team of renegade explorers the first to complete this historic feat, they were also the last.

The film will become available to a broader audience in 2022. Learn more.

Take Action 

The climate impacts Will Steger witnessed in Earth’s polar regions are no longer the only signs of climate change occurring around the world. We are all eyewitnesses to climate change now, no matter where we live. And more importantly, the solutions needed involve all of us.

Bring After Antarctica into your workplace, classroom, or community with the film’s supplement Discussion Activities Packet and Extended Film Discussion Guide!

The Discussion Activities Packet includes: 

  • About the film
  • A refresher on climate facts and the climate crisis
  • Discussion prompts and conversation starters

The Extended Film Discussion Guide includes: 

  • Checklist for hosting your own After Antarctica screening
  • A refresher on climate facts and the climate crisis
  • Discussion prompts and conversation starters
  • Deeper exploration: a framework for climate storytelling
  • Additional resources

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