Climate Commitments: School Board Resolution Toolkit

Climate Commitments: School Board Resolution Toolkit

Use our Climate Commitments: School Board Resolution Toolkit to bring a resolution to your school board that commits your school district to teaching climate change solutions, and takes action.

Lights Out Day

Organize to commit your school to spending one whole day with the lights off. This can be great as part of a series of Earth Week events or as one step in a longer campaign to get your school or district to make permanent energy reductions.

Solar on Your School

Work with a community solar company to install solar panels on your school’s roof. Your school won’t have to pay a dime, and your neighbors can actually earn money in the process!

Meatless Mondays

Work with your school cafeteria to create a totally vegetarian menu for Mondays. More than 7% of global greenhouse gas emissions are from the meat industry.

Plant Trees

Inspire hundreds of students and staff at your school to plant native trees on their own. Get trees donated and distribute them to committed individuals in the spring. Spark discussion about the real roots of climate change!

Stop Line 3

Help stop the proposed oil pipeline in Minnesota that would cross through treaty territories and the Mississippi headwaters. (photo credit: Carson Kowalski)

School Hydration Stations

Install hydration stations at your school so that students can conveniently fill reusable water bottles. In the process, teach your community about how they can save money, cut carbon and protect water rights.

Grow and Give Community Garden Plot

Learn gardening skills and build the local food movement by growing fresh vegetables to donate to a local food shelf.

Videos on Climate Justice from our Partners at Alliance for Climate Education

Watch stories of youth across the US and Puerto Rico showing the impacts of climate change, and climate justice solutions.

Our Climate, Our Future

Check out another project from ACE called Our Climate, Our Future, where you can tell Congress: ‘No more climate deniers, defend the Clean Power Plan, and Give the President a Climate Lesson.’

50 Simple Things (from EarthGuardians)

A list of 50 individual actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint.