What’s your climate story?

A climate story is a personal account of climate change from your experience and observations, ranging from despair to hope, from loss to resolve. It is descriptive and makes an emotional connection to climate change

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Climate Story Examples

  • A story about your favorite place and how climate change has or will impact it
  • A story of a solution you have been or are involved with regarding climate change
  • A story about how your local community is responding to climate change
  • A story about an extreme weather event that has impacted you or your home
  • A story of transformation, from questioning to accepting climate change

Read examples of climate stories in our Storytelling Collection.

Climate Story Submission Guidelines

Submit your climate story as a written blog (300-500 words) or a 3-5 minute podcast. along with 2-3 photographs that represent your story. Your submission may be featured on Climate Generation’s website.

How to Submit Your Story

Submit your written story on our online form and give us permission to post it on our website.

Note – Audio Submission: If you would like to digitally record your story on your phone or computer, attach the audio file and your photos in an email with your name in the subject heading and send to stories@climategen.org.

Audio Stories:

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