A climate story is a personal story about you and your experience of climate change.

It could include observations over your lifetime, a pivotal moment, impact or loss, solutions or hope, or simply why you care about climate change. It is a story that is descriptive, personal, and makes an emotional connection to climate change.

The following prompts offer a guided process to help you find your climate story. Reflect and write your answers to the storytelling prompts. Make sure to allow 5-10 minutes of quiet journaling for each prompt.

Story Writing Tips

  • Focus on a specific moment and describe it in detail, using sensory imagery. What did it look like, what did it feel like, what did it taste like, what did it sound like, what did it smell like?
  • What are some emotions that you felt in your story, or emotions that your story brought up for you? (relieved, frustrated, thankful, ecstatic)
  • What values can you find within your story? (beauty, compassion, family)
  • Where might you find the connections to climate change within your story? Adding 1-2 climate change facts can help to ground your story (ie. Minnesota‚Äôs winters are warming faster than any other state in the U.S.)

Want help? Share your story with us at stories@climategen.org and a staff member will reach out to you.

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Other Tips to Share Your Story:

  • Tell a friend, neighbor, or family member.
  • Submit it to your local newspaper or online publication.
  • Set up a meeting with your legislator or mayor to share share your story and attach it to a specific ask to address climate change.