The issue of climate change is complicated and can often feel far removed from our lives. Share your climate story to place complex facts into context and connect us to the world around us.

A climate story is a personal account of climate change from your experience and observations, ranging from despair to hope, from loss to resolve. It is descriptive and makes an emotional connection to climate change.

While climate stories are individual perspectives, it is our “collective stories” that have the power to shift the narrative. Our current political gridlock is prompting us to strip away the layers that divide us and find the root of what brings us together. Listening, compassion, and personal storytelling are the tools to find alignment and the fertile ground where true change can begin.

Discover Your Climate Story

Our Storytelling History

Duluth 5

Our work at Climate Generation is deeply connected to the power of story. For over 50 years, our founder Will Steger has inspired thousands of people through his chronicles of Arctic adventures and his remarkable eyewitness account of climate change impacts on our polar regions.

Will has been identified as an educator, scientist, and climate change advocate, as well as one of the greatest explorers of all time. He is also a master storyteller, sharing his own climate story…

i-gfd775p-XL“In 1987 I was let in on some secret research. Scientists studying the ice shelves in Antarctica pointed out to me what they thought was the coming disintegration of the Larsen B ice shelf. Then they whispered so no one could hear but me, ‘It is going because the planet is warming.’ I crossed the Larsen B ice shelf on one of my Antarctic journeys. Then, in 2002 I was reading the Minneapolis Star Tribune and there it was on page nine: a satellite photo of the Larsen B ice shelf of western Antarctica just falling apart and floating away.” – Will Steger

We all have a story to tell. What’s yours?