We believe that climate change solutions will be accelerated by individuals and communities taking collective action towards solutions, which include conservation, mitigation, adaptation, policy, and innovation.



The issue of climate change is complicated and can often feel far removed from our lives. We invite you to submit your climate story to our collection, joining the voices who are sharing how climate change is impacting their lives now.

Shape Public Policy

Climate Generation has a long history of youth and public engagement in public policy. We work with communities for climate change solutions at the local, state, and national level.

Join Youth Environmental Activists

Youth Environmental Activists (YEA!) is a network of high school students taking action for the just transition to a resilient climate future for all.

Organize a Community Convening

Inspire political will, build climate literacy, and share tangible climate action opportunities in your own community. Organize a public convening on climate change with the help of our Climate Convenings Toolkit.

Host a Visit

Climate Generation staff are available to give presentations and lead climate change education workshops. We tailor all of our offerings to your specific audience and needs.

Take Action in Your Home, School, or Community

Individual action can scale up to create the collective change we need. Reduce your own carbon emissions; become a citizen climate scientist; take political action; and join in community with others who are doing the same.