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Climate change: in your daily cup

Thursday, December 1, 2016 By Ryan Brown I’ve always been drawn to coffee. Not necessarily to coffee the crop, or the beverage from which many of us get our daily caffeine, but to what happens specifically in any space where coffee is served. It could be a group of folks around a dinner table, or […]

Signs of change

Letter from the Executive Director The devastating flooding that has hit Louisiana communities is the most recent example of historic, record-breaking events caused by climate change. The storm system produced three times the amount of rain as Hurricane Katrina, leaving neighborhoods submerged and communities displaced. The New York Times acknowledged the link to climate change, […]

Duluth event to share climate change stories

By News Tribune An event to be held in Duluth tonight will aim to “explore place-based impacts, stories and solutions around one of the most defining issues of our time — climate change.” Duluth Climate Stories, a gathering organized by Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy, will take place from 6-7:30 p.m. at Teatro Zuccone, […]

Climate Lessons Update – June 2016

Letter to Climate Change Educators When faced with the challenge of sharing the latest climate change discoveries, scientists often rely on data graphics and technical illustrations. There are many ways to innovatively display information. Data can be depicted in a drawing, played in a song, or shown in an interactive art installation. Climate scientist Ed […]


OPPORTUNITY Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy is celebrating 10 years of climate change leadership. We request your support as we amplify our work this year, acknowledge the significant accomplishments in the last decade and continue to build a hopeful future with the goal of 100% clean energy in Minnesota by 2050! EXPOSURE Climate Generation’s 10-year celebration […]

The Climate Generation

By Cathy de Moll While celebrating the launch of my new book Think South last week, I happened upon several people who followed the book’s subject, the International Trans-Antarctica Expedition, as kids. I met them not, as I anticipated, in the audience, but in various roles surrounding the event. One of the reporters who called for […]

Celebrating 10 years of Climate Education and More!

Letter from the Executive Director June marked several milestones: We hosted our 10th annual Summer Institute for Climate Change Education where we celebrated 10 successful years of professional development, curriculum and training for over 650 educators since 2006! We participated in the 5,000-strong Tar Sands Resistance March in St. Paul, the largest anti-tar sands demonstration […]

Climate Minnesota events showcase unique perspectives of Minnesota communities

Climate Minnesota: Bemidji – April 14, 2015 Climate Minnesota: Crookston – April 15, 2015 Climate Minnesota: Burnsville – May 12, 2015 Climate Minnesota: Duluth – May 18, 2015 Driving into each of the four convening communities where we hosted Climate Minnesota events this spring, the differences in the character of the places were evident at […]


Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy relies on partnerships with government, foundations, corporations, nonprofit organizations and professional associations and networks. Corporate Supporters Albert’s Organics Aveda Earth & Community Care District Energy Ever-Green Energy General Mills Iberdrola Renewables Loll Designs (logo at Peace Coffee Process Type Foundry Rahr Malting Co. SmartSet Design Steger Designs/Steger Mukluks […]

Ensuring Accountability from Elected Leaders

Exactly two weeks from now, eleven of my fellow youth climate engaged friends and I will be traveling to Copenhagen for the 15th Conference of the Parties on Climate Change. Throughout the fall, our anticipation has been brewing as to what to expect of the negotiations. There has been uncertainty to if this year’s negotiations […]