Youth Testimonials:

YEA! MN has given me an outlet for my voice, providing me numerous opportunities to speak in front of the press, to an audience, and to decision-makers. The most powerful part of the program is being in a room with other young people who have similar concerns to mine, in a space where we feel heard and can learn from each other.

Kendra R, YEA! MN Co-Chair 2014-2016

Lobby Day 2015 was an amazing experience for many reasons, but above all it demonstrated that when young people come together and organize, our voices have real power in affecting policy. It changed my thinking that lawmakers would discount the voices of young people; in fact, it seemed that they might have even taken us more seriously than professional lobbyists! After all, we were “lobbying” for our future, not on behalf of any company.

Kumar F-K, YEA! MN Intern 2014-2015

I am indebted to Climate Generation for continuing to be an avid supporter of passionate youth environmental activists! Climate Generation and YEA! MN have been the most important factors in helping to direct my passion for environmental activism into a future career path!

Siiri B., YEA! MN Co-Chair 2009-2011

I cannot thank you enough for guiding me through the past five years. I owe countless opportunities and unforgettable experiences to your amazing team and their extensive network. Testifying in St. Paul, protesting in D.C., exploring Bangladesh, and canoeing down the Minnesota and Mississippi are just some of those—things that helped me grow and shaped my worldview, while also having the time of my life. Being a part of this family continues to motivate me to keep advocating for change wherever I go. I am in love with the culture and people of this organization, and I hope I can be a part of it far into the future. Thanks again!

Cole N., YEA! MN Co-Chair, 2011-2013

Through YEA! MN, I’ve learned how organizations function, and about different ways to create change through policy, community, and in school. The experience has helped me think about how I can most effectively work on environmental issues after YEA! MN.

Shira B., YEA! MN Co-Chair, 2013-2014

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Educator Testimonials:

Peter JohnsonAfter this week [in Paris at COP21], I have more resources and knowledge about the solutions to climate change than ever before, I know how individuals, cities, utilities, states, and nations can tackle this problem. I better understand the big picture, and why it is so hard to make progress on addressing this multi-faceted environmental challenge. I have a deep appreciation for those who have worked so hard to get us here, to the point where we’re on the verge of a strong and binding international agreement to limit climate change. Finally, I have a new desire to share with other teachers how to effectively teach climate change, the most important problem we will face in the coming decades.

Peter Johnson, Earth Sciences Teacher, Pine Island, MN
Window Into Paris: COP 21 Education Ambassador

Testimonial-SummerInstituteAs a teacher with 16 years of experience in the classroom and after attending many professional development opportunities over the years, I can say without hesitation that the Summer Institutes consistently have been among the best professional development I have attended locally or nationally.

Barry Greenwald, Science Teacher
Harding High School

I consider [Climate Generation] my “go to” resource for climate change education.

Megan Olivia Hall, Minnesota Teacher of the Year
Open World Learning Community

Consistency and quality are the best predictors of future success, and the programs of Climate Generation provide powerful evidence of this assertion.

Craig Johnson, Environmental Science Teacher
School of Environmental Studies

I have been inspired by the Climate Generation [educator] workshop to totally revamp my elementary science methods course with a strong environmental emphasis. This is the least I can do for the next generation of children.

John S., Educator

Donor Testimonials:

DonorsOnce again, I am so impressed with the knowledge, passion, and energy the staff bring to Climate Generation.

Three things were abundantly clear for anyone in the audience with respect to Climate Generation: 1) Your mission, messages and game-plan are solid, 2) Your focus on educating, disseminating information and engaging young people is right on the money, and 3) Your enthusiasm, stewardship, energy and ‘sense of family’ at Climate Generation must make it a great place to work. Keep doing what you’re doing, because no one out there delivers the bang for the buck that you folks do.

Partner Testimonials:

Partners“No one can endure the severe droughts or floods of recent years or our milder snow-scarce winters without being greatly alarmed. Just talk with my good friend and world- premier polar explorer, Will Steger, about the drastic climate changes he has witnessed. Even more alarming is that our state and our nation are still not doing enough to reverse this path towards global catastrophe, before it is too late. We’ve made real progress with clean, renewable energy, instead of polluting fossil fuels…but are we progressing fast enough?”

Mark Dayton

“Much of Greater Minnesota has yet to begin the conversation on climate change or hear from trusted sources about the issue. CURE would not be making the strides we are in this area if not for our trusted partners like Climate Generation.”

Duane Ninneman, Senior Director of Climate and Energy

“I am starting to feel more optimistic about the proactive momentum I see building, and I can’t thank folks like you enough for your tireless and relentless effort in taking the message to others and getting folks engaged. I am proud to be a part of your great effort and grateful for all that you do.”

Supporter and Advisory Board member

Amazing documentary! Congratulations to you and your team for crafting a compelling series of stories. So often this becomes an eye-glazing set of statistics and science tutorials, but this film has done a masterful job of humanizing the challenge – arming viewers with knowledge and leaving them with hope. This is one of the best examples of climate journalism I’ve seen anywhere, local or network: great visuals, pacing and stealth-science. People are already being impacted and the doc did a terrific job highlighting the impacts and solutions.

Thank you for renewing my resolve – and reminding me of the power of broadcast TV to be a powerful voice for the common good. Well done! 

Paul Douglas, Meterologist