Need money for youth climate action?

Climate Generation’s YEA! Fun(d) is resourcing youth to lead the Minnesota climate justice movement.

The Basics

The fund is for K-12 students in Minnesota.
Students can apply for $50-$500.
New applications are reviewed each month in 2020.

Apply Now

We strongly encourage you to reach out to Climate Generation staff when you are developing your idea for a funding proposal. Contact / 612-278-7147.

Requirements for All Grants

  • Use the money to support youth action on climate solutions / environmental justice
  • Applicants are confident they will successfully complete the project
  • Youth leading the project must be K-12 / GED students in Minnesota (this fund is not intended for college-age youth)
  • Recipients must submit a blog post about their action project after the project is done, to

Fund Details

  • Each applicant can apply for a grant of $50-500 each month (and you can apply multiple times). If you want to apply for more than $500, contact / 612-278-7147
  • Checks to disburse your grant can be made out to students, parents, schools, or organizations
  • If any one person receives more than $600 in a calendar year, it becomes taxable (Form 1099)

Priority will be given to projects where 

  • Applicants represent or engage low-income youth and/or youth of color
  • Project has community impact or demonstrated need


  • Applications are due the 1st of each month
  • Applications will be read and approved once a month by selection committee, January–December 2020
  • Applicants will receive notification of decision
  • Once approved, expect a 2–3 week processing period before receiving the money

Money can be spent on (some ideas)

  • Trainings related to activism,
  • Honorarium for one-time gigs (for organizers/speakers/facilitators),
  • Event food and supplies,
  • Travel/transportation,
  • Event registration,
  • Action projects,
  • Communications/marketing (like social media ads),
  • Cell phone reimbursement for youth who otherwise do not have consistent access to data
  • If you buy permanent materials (like a megaphone), it should be purchased through a partner organization (it will not become an individual’s private property)
  • This doesn’t cover everything, please contact Climate Generation to talk about your ideas!

Money cannot be spent on

  • Lobbying (you cannot endorse specific candidates, but you can support general policy goals and educate candidates)
  • Breaking the law or bail
  • Ongoing stipends for long-term labor (only one-time gigs allowed)

Please contact Climate Generation if you are not sure your action qualifies.

Youth do not need to be affiliated with Climate Generation to apply for support. Applicants are encouraged to seek additional mentorship and support from staff and peers to ensure success in reaching their goal.

Apply Now!