Nayana Gurung loves being in the woods and spending time with her loved ones! She’s passionate about social justice, which is why she loves climate work. It’s important to recognize the intersectionality between systemic issues and environmental justice, so she’s excited to start some of these conversations within her own circle and with the community as a whole!

About My Campaign

My campaign is focused on outlining and implementing ethnic studies language as well as an ethnic studies course within my school district, ISD 197. Ethnic studies courses have been implemented in the St. Paul and Minneapolis public high schools, and ethnic studies language is something that is also becoming more wide-spread across school districts. I hope to present the ethnic studies course and language to my school board next semester, and I have a lot of really awesome people helping me work toward this goal!

I started a group called 197 Students for Change (SFC) this summer with a few friends when we agreed we had to take action on our whitewashed curriculum, racist policies, and prejudiced staff members. Coincidentally, many of our goals as an organization line up with my campaign’s focus on anti-racist curriculum, so I have a wonderful team of my friends from 197 SFC supporting me in my campaign. I’m also really lucky to have some staff members from my high school, climate justice organizers and advisors from YEA!, and the Ethnic Studies Coalition supporting me in my campaign. I’m really excited about this work and I’m grateful for all of the people helping me in this process!