Krystal Iverson is excited for her first year as a YEA! Campaigns member. She lives in the Saint Cloud area and goes to Saint John’s Preparatory School. She is excited to learn more about climate justice and make a difference in her community and school.

About My Campaign

I go to Saint John’s Preparatory School in Collegeville, MN. My campaign was an idea to better my school in their environmental program. I set out to bring people together in a community garden. This gives students and faculty a chance to come together and learn while enjoying a fun activity. This garden had already been started as a memorial to a past teacher at Prep. Although it was standing already, there wasn’t support from the community to help it flourish.

My job was to gather support and bring people together to use this space for a beneficial purpose. After talking to many teachers and students I also had the consent from everyone. I am still working out exactly what title this activity would have at school but I’m striving to make it an extracurricular activity where students could gain credit from working here. All of the fresh produce will be donated to various charities unbiased in the St. Cloud area. This allows for everyone to have a source of a balanced diet which many might not be receiving in my community.