Eleanor Dolan is a queer disabled youth organizer focusing on change making in her community. They focus on the intersections of social justice and climate organizing. They are currently working on mutual aid projects as well as justice issues within their school district. As a disabled person, the climate crisis is impacting them directly fueling their passion for change.

About My Campaign

I am working on the intersections of equitable education and climate justice. I’m working with the group Minnetonka Coalition for Equitable Education (MCEE) to advocate for BIPOC, LGBT+, and disabled students within the Minnetonka school district. MCEE is working with the school board and superintendent to turn their demands into policy, as well as working in the community to start discussions around justice. I believe that as justice is incorporated into curriculum, the conversations around climate change in the classroom will go into depth on the social consequences, as well as the science and solutions. On top of this, I am working with MCEE to create a union of students across the state who are working to create equitable education in their schools and communities.