A core program of Climate Generation, Youth Environmental Activists Minnesota (YEA! MN) is a network of high school students taking action for a just transition to a resilient climate future for all.


Get Involved

Maybe you have a project that needs support, or you want to do something about climate change but don’t know where to start. Maybe you feel like you’re the only one who cares about climate change. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, YEA! MN can meet you where you’re at. Come to any Network meeting, open to high school students on twice a month basis, and learn from fellow students how to build youth power in your community.

YEA! MN provides mentorship to individual student leaders, as well as education and support for an entire school club. We can help you choose a project, launch a school club, navigate power dynamics at your school, plan an effective campaign, engage your audience, and help you transform your community.

Become a Leader

Come to our annual Youth Climate Justice Summit at the Capitol to learn how to shape public policy and speak directly to your state legislators. Join the YEA! MN Core, an intensive small-group leadership development program focused on climate literacy, political education and organizing skills to support student action on climate change solutions.

Upcoming Action Event

There are no events at this time.



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Thanks to Askov Finlayson and their Keep The North Cold campaign for supporting our youth programming!