RoyLanderRoy Lander

The Galloway School


Atlanta, Georgia

I am a former businessman who became a certified math and science teacher 12 years ago. Presently, I teach in the middle school of a progressive, private K – 12 school in suburban Atlanta. During the summers, I have worked at two different summer camps and, presently, I am a Camp Director for a technology camp that has a site in Atlanta.

During my teaching career, I have I have been persistent in pursuing a wide variety of professional development opportunities.  Consequently, I have been fortunate to participate in the NASA Endeavor Teaching Fellowship and two separate internships with the NASA LEARN program. There, during the first internship, I researched ozone and PM 2.5 in the Atlanta area, and, in the second year, I investigated the carbonization of coral reefs off the coast of Florida. Each of these experiences has had a significant impact on my classroom instruction as I can demonstrate lifelong learning, can share adult curiosities and can model scientific investigations.

My classroom can be categorized as a supportive, student-centered, technology-driven environment. Lessons and assessments address multiple learning styles through inquiry-based activities during which students often work in cooperative learning groups.  Assignments stress the development of higher order thinking skills and the connections among separate but related science concepts. Significant support processes are consistently employed to assist our students to be successful in light of their individual learning styles.