Haberman, P ProfilePhillip Haberman

Compassion Road Academy

Earth Science and Biology

Denver, Colorado

I am approaching my third year as a High School Earth Science and Biology teacher at Compassion Road Academy in Denver, Colorado. It is a great honor to work with and inspire youth to think about the world through a scientific perspective and make them aware of all of the college and career opportunities that are available in the field of science.  Science has come alive for me through a lifetime filled with outdoor experiences through which have developed a deep passion for education, the environment and stewardship. I have been involved with multiple community organizations working towards further developing sustainable practices and much of this work has been focused on Climate Change. I recently served the Climate Reality Project as a mentor this year and was trained as a climate leader by this organization in 2013. I have delivered countless presentations on Climate Change to hundreds of community members and students. I bring all of my energy and enthusiasm as an Education Ambassador to Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy and Compassion Road Academy, as I am eager to further my understanding of Climate Change as well as the understanding of my students, to positively impact our local and global communities.