PeterJOhnsonPeter Johnson

Pine Island Middle School

Earth Science

Pine Island, Minnesota

Peter Johnson teaches Earth Science at Pine Island Middle School. He has presented at state conferences on using technology in the classroom, attended the year-long New Science Teachers Academy through the National Science Teachers Association, and was a part Siemens Teachers As Researchers (STARs). He is finishing up an Integrated STEM Education Masters Degree.

In the classroom, Peter works to give his students choices and a voice in the classroom. His classes provide as much support or as much freedom as his students need and pushes them to be creative and unique in their products. He loves teaching Earth science as well as connecting all science disciplines whenever possible.

In the community, Peter is leading water conservation efforts by pairing with local watershed and stormwater organizations to increase rain barrel use. He is also planning a travelling elementary-level STEM experience he will be taking to libraries in Southern Minnesota next summer.

Peter is a veteran and grew up on a small dairy farm. He and his wife, Lisa, have twin two year old boys. He is trying to raise money to help cover the expenses for this trip and can be found on twitter at @mrjohnsonsci