Lauren Leith HeadshotLauren Lindelof Leith

Avalon School

High school, physics, chemistry and earth science

Saint Paul, Minnesota

I have been a science teacher for eighteen years. I am currently a high school physics and chemistry teacher, and advisor at Avalon School in Saint Paul. Prior to my current school I taught in Duluth for ten years and one year I was in Cloquet as well. In my years of teaching I have always thought that my role as an educator was to help my students to be educated voters and citizens so they could make reasoned decisions on the policies that affect the environment and society.

I am just finishing my Master’s degree in environmental education at Hamline University. My capstone study was based on teaching renewable energy in my physics class. I have been actively focussing on global climate change for the past nine years.

I am honored to be able to attend COP21. I want to learn the challenges nations’ face in making a commitment to reduced carbon emissions.  I  am also excited to know more about renewable energies and technologies that can lead us down the path to clean energy.