NicoleAndersonNicole Anderson

Ramsey Middle School, Lac du Bois (French Village), Concordia Language Villages


St. Paul, MN

Hackensack, MN (Summer French Program)

Nicole Anderson is a mom, a teacher, a camp counselor, and a ski instructor. She has been a camp counselor in France, Switzerland, and the U.S., worked the grape harvest in France, taught at a school in Cameroon, volunteered at a youth hostel in Quebec, and has cycle-toured in Europe. Her favorite pastimes are traveling as well as spending time with family and friends in the out of doors – especially canoeing, camping, skiing, cycling, and singing around the campfire.

Nicole began teaching French long ago in the beautiful camp setting of Lac du Bois, the French Language Village of Concordia Language Villages, where she still works today. She has also worked in a variety of World Language and Immersion classroom settings K-12, and currently works at Ramsey Middle School in St. Paul. Nicole has a B.A. from Washington University, St. Louis, MO (French and Secondary Education) and a M.S. from Mankato State University, Mankato, MN (Experiential Education).

She cares deeply about the future of our natural world, our young people, and the intercultural connections that can be made with people around the globe.