BillyKBilly Koenig

Shakopee High School

Biology/Environmental Ethics

Shakopee, Minnesota

My main focus is being a husband and father to two active boys, Will (4) and Henry (1). Professionally I love teaching and I try to show students how to make connections with real life experiences and with their immediate surroundings. I love the motto, “think globally, act locally”. My passion is getting students outside and connected to their community through service learning projects. I strongly believe that our students need to learn by actually ‘doing science’.  My personal interests involve anything outdoors; biking, hiking, camping, and canoeing. I try to expose students to similar outdoors interests as well through club groups, and afterschool activities. It is extremely important to get kids outside because you cannot love something without knowing it, or creating a connection with it.  I want young people to know the outdoors and their own surrounding environment so they can love and protect it for the generations to come.