Deborah Riddle

Chicago (South Side), Illinois

Special Education Teacher, Chicago Public Schools

I am a Chicago Public School teacher who has been invested in my community since I was a child. I believe we, the community, have more power than we even realize. United, we can change the trajectory of our destiny. I have partnered with community and church organizations to raise awareness about health and wellness, education, and other various social ills that plague our community – one of which, being climate change. Climate change impacts all Americans, but especially affects African Americans and other communities of color. Through teaching, I have made it my business to ensure that my students understand that their practices today affect us all now and for generations to come.

I am excited to represent the work of Action for Climate Empowerment at COP26 because it is a very important work and also a great way to share ideas with others. I am interested in learning additional ways to engage my community, especially the younger generation, in how to become more responsible in how we treat our environment.