The United Nations 25th Conference of the Parties (COP25) took place in Madrid in December of 2019.

The focus of COP25

As the international community commits to controlling global greenhouse gas emissions and limit rising temperatures, we must also elevate our obligations to protect human rights as climate change impacts become more common and extreme. Communities displaced by droughts, floods, and fires around the world are faced with discrimination when they seek safety, and in the U.S., climate refugees are put in cages instead of building new lives for their families.

In the U.S. our broken immigration system is highlighted in a border crisis, a direct impact of the climate crisis. Persistent droughts across Central America has left failed crops, depleting incomes and causing food insecurity across the region. Climate change is destabilizing economies and driving thousands of migrants to the north seeking safe and healthy futures away from poverty and violence. The southern U.S. border in response has become militarized and agents are locking away those seeking asylum, denying fair processing for refugees to pass into the country. Conflicts are playing out in other regions as climate refugees are forced to migrate to new communities around the world.

Climate change doesn’t stop at the border, it is a global issue that requires collaboration. Similarly our commitment to address climate change doesn’t stop with emissions, and requires leadership to support global communities displaced and disrupted by its impacts.

Our Window into COP25 program amplified the stories of delegates from around the world to learn about the global impacts and intersectional solutions we can lead on here in Minnesota.


Meet our Delegates

Sarah Goodspeed
Youth and Policy Manager, Climate Generation

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Jen Kader
Senior Program Manager, Freshwater

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Sabrina Patlan
Intern and Youth Delegate, Climate Generation

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Eric Wojchik
Senior Planner, Metropolitan Council

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COP25 Webinar Schedule

We offer live, on-the-ground webinars during the international conference to debrief the negotiations, interview attendees from around the world, and share what COP is really like.

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COPs and Climate Generation

Climate Generation has a history of sending delegations to COPs, including COP15, COP21, COP22, COP23 and COP24.