This December 2–13, the United Nations 25th Conference of the Parties (COP25) is taking place in Madrid, Spain, and we’re sending four Minnesota delegates to bring the international climate negotiations to life.

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The focus of COP25

As the international community commits to controlling global greenhouse gas emissions and limit rising temperatures, we must also elevate our obligations to protect human rights as climate change impacts become more common and extreme. Communities displaced by droughts, floods, and fires around the world are faced with discrimination when they seek safety, and in the U.S., climate refugees are put in cages instead of building new lives for their families.In the U.S. our broken immigration system is highlighted in a border crisis, a direct impact of the climate crisis. Persistent droughts across Central America has left failed crops, depleting incomes and causing food insecurity across the region. Climate change is destabilizing economies and driving thousands of migrants to the north seeking safe and healthy futures away from poverty and violence. The southern U.S. border in response has become militarized and agents are locking away those seeking asylum, denying fair processing for refugees to pass into the country. Conflicts are playing out in other regions as climate refugees are forced to migrate to new communities around the world.

Climate change doesn’t stop at the border, it is a global issue that requires collaboration. Similarly our commitment to address climate change doesn’t stop with emissions, and requires leadership to support global communities displaced and disrupted by its impacts.

As we gather in Chile this year, we will highlight stories from Indigenous and Latinx communities at the frontlines of climate impacts across the American continents, and how they are leading the way to build a resilient and equitable future. Indigenous activists are fighting fossil fuel infrastructure, Latinx communities report the highest rates of climate activism. Leaders in communities like Duluth are discussing how to be a home to those who have been here since time immemorial alongside refugees who must build a new home. Climate Generation will amplify the stories of delegates from around the world to learn about the global impacts and intersectional solutions we can lead on here in Minnesota.

Watch our COP25 Overview Webinar to hear more about what we’re highlighting this year.

COPs and Climate Generation

Climate Generation has a history of sending delegations to COPs, including COP15, COP21, COP22, COP23 and COP24.

Read the COP25 Blog


Meet our Delegates

Sarah Goodspeed
Youth and Policy Manager, Climate Generation

Read Sarah’s Blog

Sarah leads Climate Generation’s policy campaigns, workforce development initiatives, and integrates our robust youth engagement across programs. She brings more than a decade of experience with environmental nonprofits and government agencies supporting sustainable communities through community-driven education and policy change.

She brings a background working with Latinx communities from her time with the Chicano Latino Affairs Council (now Minnesota Council on Latino Affairs), and support for Latinx farmworkers in Minnesota, California, and as a Peace Corps volunteer in rural Ecuador. Sarah developed strength in climate policy through many roles with environmental nonprofits, most recently with the Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy, and has built community capacity around equity and sustainability initiatives at various levels of government.

She currently serves on the MN Pollution Control Agency’s Environmental Justice Advisory Group, the Rural Renewable Energy Alliance board of directors, and was named to Midwest Energy News 40 under 40.

Jen Kader
Senior Program Manager, Freshwater

Read Jen’s Blog

Minnesota is already trending warmer and wetter, and as we move further into that changed climate, we’ll continue to see an increase in negative impacts on the health and availability of water. Addressing what makes our water vulnerable will build the resilience of our communities in general, and I am excited to share what we’re doing with others, learn from efforts around the world, and bring that information and momentum back to Minnesota.

Sabrina Patlan
Intern and Youth Delegate, Climate Generation

Read Sabrina’s Blog

I am excited to represent Climate Generation at COP25 because it will offer me the opportunity of seeing firsthand the extent of NGOs ability to influence international climate governance.


Eric Wojchik
Senior Planner, Metropolitan Council

Read Eric’s Blog

Though the Metropolitan Council is engaged in a vast array of climate adaptation and mitigation efforts, our region does not have a Climate Action Plan to provide a roadmap for organizational and regional goals. COP25 provides a unique opportunity to benchmark with other regional governments and organizations on approaches to the economic and resilience planning work so vital to our region’s sustainable future.


COP25 Webinar Schedule

Throughout the two-week conference, we are offering a variety of free brown bag webinars. Tune in with your coffee and lunch to hear unique insights into the COP25 negotiations and what the delegates are seeing on the ground in Madrid, Spain.

Tuesday Dec. 10, 12pm CST
CLEAN Network Webinar


Tune into the Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network CLEAN call, this week featuring Sarah Goodspeed sharing insights into COP25 progress.


Wednesday Dec. 11, 12pm CST
Inside COP25 with Sarah Goodspeed – Part 1


Sarah will share what it’s like on the ground in Madrid at COP25, and interview a special guest about the international negotiations.


Thursday Dec. 12, 11:20am-12:15pm CST
COP25 + #TeachClimate


Educators are invited to this special #TeachClimate Network meeting; where their classrooms can participate in a discussion about what it’s like at the COP25 negotiations and facilitate a reading discussion.


Friday Dec. 13, 12pm CST
Inside COP25 with Sarah Goodspeed – Part 2


Sarah will share what it’s like on the ground in Madrid at COP25, and interview a special guest about the international negotiations.