Architect & Project Manager, BWBR

Jesse Turck, AIA, is an architect and project manager at BWBR. He is the longest running member of BWBR’s Performance Design Group and tracks and reports building energy data for the AIA 2030 Commitment. He lives in an energy efficiently remodeled home in St. Paul with his wife and three kids. Their soon to be completed garage will have a solar panel array that will more than offset their electricity usage. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time outdoors, gardening, and cooking with friends & family.

Jesse is a past Co-Chair of the AIA Minnesota Committee on the Environment, is a member of AIA Minnesota’s 21st Century Development Task Force, the MN Resiliency Collaborative Steering Committee, and is a graduate of AIA Minnesota’s Leadership Forum. Jesse is also a Climate Reality Leader through former Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. He has given numerous presentations on the causes and solutions to climate change to hundreds of people; including architects, farmers, students, and foreign dignitaries.

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