We’re sending four Minnesota business delegates to the COP24 international climate negotiations in Katowice, Poland.

From December 2–14, follow the UNFCCC’s climate negotiations through the eyes of four sustainability leaders from Minnesota. Representatives from infrastructure, tech, and food industries will bring their expertise to the conference and reflect through blogs and webinars.

Window into COP24 Delegates

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Need more info on the significance of COPs? Read our overview.

We are also supporting and providing accreditation for our long-standing partner, educator Craig Johnson with students from the School of Environmental Studies.

In the wake of the President’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, the emergence of the U.S. Climate Alliance, and the E.U.’s commitment to working directly with the U.S. on international climate policy, Minnesota finds itself on the world stage as a member of the Alliance, as well as the We Are Still In campaign.

Follow our Window into COP24 delegates with #MNCOP24 at @climategenorg.

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What’s the significance of COP24?

The UNFCCC brings together around 200 countries to continue the worldwide initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The challenge that lies ahead at COP24 requires further strategizing for implementing the historic Paris Agreement.

The business community is providing strong climate leadership and a presence at COP24 as a critical way to show the enduring U.S. commitment to our Paris Agreement pledge. We’re excited for our delegates to contribute, learn, and bring back examples of international innovation to Minnesota.

Topics and objectives to watch at COP24:

  • Achievements already made by signatories of the Paris Agreement
  • Enhancements to the Paris Agreement commitments to mobilize the world to the 1.5 degree Celsius limit of warming
  • The political phase of the Talanoa Dialogue – a debate forum between countries and society
  • Tangible funding commitments from developed countries to support developed countries most affected by climate change impacts

COPs and Climate Generation

Climate Generation has a history of sending delegations to COPs, including COP15, COP21, COP22, and COP23. This year’s unique focus on business leadership offered us the chance to demonstrate Minnesota corporate commitments on the international stage.