Espoir DelMain
Youth and College Student
College: Dickinson College ‘21

Espoir is a freshman at Dickinson College planning on majoring in Environmental Science. She graduated from Great River School in St. Paul and also attended Conserve School, an environmental boarding semester school in northern WI in 2013. As a young child, she was interested in the environment but her passion and stewardship solidified at Conserve School during her sophomore year.

When she returned from Conserve, she began her involvement with YEA! MN – Climate Generation’s youth leadership program – and stayed active through her graduation. YEA! MN was where she first began to realize the intersectionality of environmental issues. Since, she has continued to ask questions and look for how marginalization and the environment are related. She learned about the different ways this can exist during her Gap Year in Senegal this past year. She was in the Where There Be Dragons program, learning the local languages and cultures, living with host families, and also independently volunteering with the Jane Goodall Institute in Spain.

She is excited to make connections at COP23 and hear narratives that aren’t featured in mainstream environmental issues. She will attend the 13th Conference of Youth before COP23 and is so honored to represent Climate Generation in Bonn this November.

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