Adri Arquin
Junior High Youth

Adri is an 8th-grade student at St. Paul Academy. Going to COP23 is an excellent opportunity for him to bring a new perspective to the conference. He has been interested in the issue of climate change and global cooperation for a long time. At his school, he has found that many people care deeply about what they can do, and what we as a generation need to do, to help solve this massive issue. He wants to show that people his age care a lot about the problems that are being discussed at COP23. It is really important to get younger people involved in the climate change discussion, because they are the ones that can make the most impact over the long run. He is excited to go to COP23 and bring back the knowledge to share with many of his peers at St. Paul Academy. He hopes that through this whole experience, he can learn more about these topics that are interesting to him and his peers.

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