Climate Generation is excited to support a multi-sector delegation of Minnesota leaders to COP23. These Minnesotans represent education, law, philanthropy, youth, elected officials, and indigenous communities. Through blogs and webinars, these leaders will reflect on key questions for their sector through our Window into COP23 program, in conjunction with the UNFCCC 23rd Conference of the Parties in Bonn, Germany.

Delegates share why they are joining this program and the sector they represent:

Ellen Anderson

Climate and Energy Policy
The movement to a clean energy economy is an economic opportunity for the countries and U.S. states dedicated to it.

Adri Arquin

Junior High Youth
I am interested in learning more about how nations across the globe come together to solve an important problem.

Aurora L. Conley

Indigenous, Legal Policy, Bad River Band of Lake Superior Ojibwe
It’s been seven years since I represented Climate Generation at Expedition Copenhagen to COP15, and it is an honor to participate, represent, and speak for Mother Earth.

Leigh Currie

Energy and Environmental Law
COP23 will be an amazing opportunity see the full spectrum of climate change solutions—from Climate Generation’s work empowering individuals and communities, my work as a lawyer advocating for statewide energy regulations, all the way to the international work of negotiating global climate solutions.

Espoir DelMain

Youth and College Student
I am excited to represent Climate Generation at COP23 because I want to gain perspective on youth in the climate movement and find my place as a college student in it.

Ian Empson

High School Youth
I am excited to meet other young people who are trying to do something about climate change where they live. I want to share new ideas with my friends and at my school. 

Melissa Hortman

State Government
State policymakers are critical to ensuring that we meet the goals set forth in the Paris Agreement.

Cheryl Olseth

I am excited to represent Climate Generation at COP23 because as a mom, I worry about the world our kids are growing up in and denying climate change is simply unacceptable. Just look at the myriad of recent weather events: Sandy, Harvey, and Katrina.

John Olson

K–12 Education
I am excited to represent Climate Generation at COP23 because it is important to communicate global and international perspectives on climate change to educators and motivate them to teach climate science.